Back to portfolio Trav Fine TravFine Jewelry is a luxury jewelry brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs. Catering to discerning customers seeking elegance and sophistication, TravFine offers a curated collection of fine jewelry pieces, each telling a unique story.  Our primary objectives for TravFine’s social media marketing campaign were to increase brand […]


Back to portfolio Camboticket At Craft Pixel, we had the pleasure of collaborating with SEA Ventures Co Ltd (Camboticket), where our focus was on crafting designs for diverse digital campaigns spanning social media and website/app platforms. Our involvement extended beyond the conventional scope, as we actively contributed suggestions for enhancing marketing strategies and improving UI/UX […]


Back to portfolio SeaSky Shipping At Craft Pixel, we had the privilege of collaborating with SeaSky Shipping Pvt. Ltd. to develop their logo and brand identity. Our team approached this project with creativity and strategic vision, aiming to capture the essence of SeaSky’s maritime services while ensuring a distinct and memorable visual identity. Through careful […]